Business Legal Counsel Solutions

A tailored approach that puts your needs first. Always.

Navigating local and regional legislation, while delivering meaningful collaboration with healthcare professionals, requires experience and knowhow. That’s where GCO comes in.

Why now?

For life sciences organizations, engaging with healthcare professionals is becoming more complex. Start-ups and high-growth companies, large and small, need legal clarity when expanding to new geographic or business areas.

Why us?

GCO has the business legal expertise you need. We have provided strategic meetings management (SMM) solutions for more than 30 years and have specialist personnel ready to guide you. Not only do we have a dedicated team that focus on Transactional Compliance support, we also have dedicated experts who focus on Business Legal expertise. Our team provides a central point of contact to address legal questions with speed and competence ensuring proper legal business counsel support.

What we do

We focus on business litigation, securities, debt recovery, legal entity structuring support contracts and advisory services, ensuring your documents, policies and legal agreements are compliant with local rules and regulations. GCO ensures your procedures meet internal and external governance requirements.

Who we are

Our Business Legal Counsel Solutions is led by Thilly Broer, an expert in European business law, trade law and company law. Thilly is admitted to the Netherlands Bar since 2001 and member of the Board of the association of Dutch Business Lawyers Abroad.

Who can benefit from this service? 

We work with growing biotech, pharma and medtech companies. Whether you are expanding to new territories, transitioning from R&D to commercialization, or in need of support to meet growing legal workloads, GCO can help.

What next?

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Thilly Broer