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Introducing GCO CheckPoint, your digital attendance sheet.

GCO CheckPoint is a fast, easy and reliable tool ensuring precise attendance record for your meetings and events. GCO CheckPoint ensures legible reports with no missing attendee information. Its simplicity not only makes it extremely user-friendly but also provides a real time paperless compliance report.

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Kiosk Mode

Reduces onsite dependency on hostesses with options to self check-in or completing new registrations.

Admin Check-in

Attendee list overview to perform quick check-in and check-out operations. 

Perform new registrations onsite. 

Saves Time

Saves review and reporting time thus Increases profitability (& productivity) by saving hours in contracting and ToV reporting.

Session Tracking

Quick overview on the session attendance with check-in and check-out timestamp.

Accurate Data

No more illegible information. No missing data. Simplifies onsite signature collection process by reducing dependency on individuals hand written data.

Badge Printing

Print standard badges onsite reducing the time for searching pre-printed badges. On-demand feature allows new onsite registrations to have standard badges.  

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