Governance Process Implementation

Often there is a lack of a formalized internal governance framework which identifies and determines which congress and events make the most sense to participate, based on the corporate strategy. This requires a clear set of policies and procedures in place to govern choices for communication, based on a business case, adherence to laws and regulations and to safeguard completeness of information related to those activities.

GCO Technology Center developed an Event Registration Database (ERD) system which can be tailored to your organization-specific needs, fully API supported. A good registration process will make sure that:

  • All activities are aligned with Global strategic objectives; a full audit trail should be available and all decisions in the governance process must be documented and disclosed for oversight
  • The business rationale is properly documented
  • Choices are validated against financial budgets and responsibilities
  • Choices are checked with Ethical and Compliance standards
  • Associated risks can be identified before final decisions are made
  • Centrally coordinated Transfer of Value (ToV) reporting and mandatory check of all spendings to match with finance records (proving all ToV’s are accounted for, classified to the proper spend categories and disclosed through the designated channels)

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