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June 17, 2020

GCO Compliance services

GCO Compliance offers customized services which supports the local and international transparency requirements for life sciences industry while engaging with HCPs, HCOs and Patient Organisations across the globe.

We look at the type of stakeholders you are involved with, the tasks you perform and advice you on solutions that will safeguard your ethical and compliance standards.

Value proposition

Often compliance leaders in the life sciences struggle with the scarcity of trained resources in order to manage day to day operational tasks related to HCP/HCO, Patient/Patient Organizations compliance with codes of practice and transparency requirements. Tasks such as, contract management, venue assessment, payment and reimbursement management after engagement, document retention for audit purposes are commonly known as transaction compliance. These tasks involve a significant amount of time that most compliance leaders struggle to allocate resources to.

GCO compliance services ensures timely, consistent and audit ready solutions that supports compliance professionals and the business to ensure compliance with internal and external industry regulations. Therefore, enabling compliance leaders to focus on the strategic objectives of their compliance function.

When to reach out to GCO compliance?

If one or more of the following applies:

  • You interact with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) locally or internationally for clinical, scientific or commercial advice.
  • You are obliged to adhere to transparency, codes, regulations or rules when interacting with HCPs/HCOs & Patient/PO?
  • You have questions about healthcare compliant destinations and venues for your meetings.
  • You struggle managing payments to HCPs/HCOs, Patient Organizations and how to capture the transfer of values.
  • You need a trusted advisor to help in better understanding of Pharma and Medical devices codes and regulations when planning your events and transferring values to HCPs/HCOs, Patient Organizations.
  • You struggle with time allocation and selection of tools to support your transaction compliance tasks.

GCO’s approach

GCO services are available in outsourcing and insourcing modules, fully tailored made to your
specific needs.

GCO Customized Compliance Services

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GCO compliance services ensures timely, consistent and audit ready solutions

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