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Written by kim

July 28, 2020

Strategic Meetings Management Assessment Tool

In times of disruption we need to adapt, and it also challenge us to think differently about how we do business. What impact will it have on your current Strategic Meetings Management program? And how future proof is your organization?

To get an answer to these questions, GCO has developed a free digital tool allowing you to identify the vital steps to assess the impact Covid-19 has on your Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) Program.

The four SMM components for assessment are:

  1. Workforce/Resources
  2. Operation Model & Supplier Support
  3. Meaningful Statistics & Insights
  4. Strategy & Brand

Want to learn more?

With our online Assessment Tool, we identify the areas that may need your attention or pose a relatively high risk to your organization.

Get in contact with our Consultants today or start investing 10 minutes of your time in completing our free online assessment tool to get the answers and valuable insights you need.

GCO's Online Assessment Tool

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