GCO Virtual – Making uncertainties irrelevant

Written by kim

March 26, 2020

What is GCO Virtual Meeting Management

GCO Virtual Meeting Management is a tailor made, one stop, service that allows you to conduct business critical meetings on multiple virtual platforms and ensure consistent delivery of your strategic communications “even” in uncertain environments.

Value proposition

For organizations working on multinational level, uncertainty in business could be brought by natural calamities, epidemic outbreaks, austerity measures, riots and conflicts.

Pharmaceutical business is critical in nature and it also has a social obligation to ensure continuity in the face of uncertainty. Many organizations have back up plans to support their supply chain but often are unable to cope with Strategic Meeting Management in adverse situations.

GCO Virtual Meeting Management services ensure seamless coordination across multiple locations & various virtual technologies. It enables you to deliver engaging meetings focusing on crucial business objectives.

Ask for GCO Virtual Meeting Management

If ONE of the following applies to your meeting:

  • You need to conduct an essential meeting with a specific number of participants that face travel restrictions
  • Your participants might be Health Care Professionals or patients that need to adhere to various compliance requirements that restrict their ability to travel
  • The meeting is business critical. For example, live broadcasting leadership messages or deliver critical investigator training to those engaged in important clinical studies
  • You want to ensure consistency in quality of interaction with audience during your meeting while maintaining high standards
  • You are not confident about how to take advantage of the capabilities and effectiveness of  virtual conferencing tools
  • You don’t have the time or tools to organize virtual or hybrid meetings on short notice

Advantages of GCO Virtual Meeting Management

  • Insights on optimum virtual technology while considering size, audience and objective
  • Advise on how to ensure connectivity throughout the meetings and prevent interruptions
  • Assist you to restructure existing agenda in order to take advantage of the virtual platform
  • Support meeting owners in dealing with the multiple stakeholders needed to transform to virtual
  • Oversee the production of the meeting to ensure consistency between different sites
  • Ensuring outcomes of meetings and provide reports that quantify the level of success
  • Advise on increasing the lifespan of the material you are going to broadcast

How GCO Virtual Meeting Management works?

Step 1. Understand your meeting objectives, existing resources and constrains
Step 2. Evaluate, organize and validate the meeting technology along with meeting format
Step 3. Set Up registration, coordination with all stakeholders and third parties
Step 4. Live support throughout the meeting and ensure the reporting

GCO Virtual Meeting Management

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We know the importance of continuous interaction with internal stakeholders and clients

The challenge nowadays is to make sure you have made all the right choices that enable you to get the best out of your investment in a virtual or hybrid event. Thankfully GCO is ready to empower you to navigate these difficult times.

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