Meeting logistics

GCO's innovative and adept service will be designed and configured to help you realise the particular vision you have for your meeting. Building and managing the channel of communication between clients, suppliers and external associates we facilitate and safeguard a perfect meeting.

We arrange the transport of required materials and arrange decor and staging to best suit clients branding. Destination advice, familiarity, knowledge, food and beverage advice and administration are fashioned into the meeting operation to complete the perfect meeting. We prepare offsite activities and organisation. All custom clearance and freight forward is taken care of. Ground transportation planning and logistics is pre-planned and guaranteed to operate seamlessly. We organise signage construction and design as required. Dedicated on-site teams take full responsibility to control and ensure all events and actions are executed as expected, promised and agreed. Nothing is left to chance; every aspect of your meeting is handled, checked and managed with the utmost care, following rigorous criteria.

Delegate registration is made simple and automated with GCO’s state-of-the-art Event Management System (EMS). An extensive range of facilities are offered including automatic confirmation of registration, online credit card charging and a sales invoice for tax purposes if required.

Our services are especially useful for expert advice on the meeting market, attendance boosting, scientific programme support, marketing and communication, growth planning, financial handling and assistance with policy planning. Cutting-edge technological tools are coupled with unrivalled standards of exclusive customer care to ensure our clients’ strategic objectives are accomplished.

In addition, GCO can take care of exhibition management and abstract handling.

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