Playing Music and Videos during Virtual Meetings and Events

Written by GCO

June 15, 2021

With the increase of virtual meetings within the Life Sciences industry, we have experienced a rise on music, background music and videos being played during meetings.  

But are you allowed to play that specific piece of music or video during your virtual event?

Using music or videos without permission or license is prohibited by international and national copyright laws. Therefore, whenever you plan to use such resources, you should consider the following:

Check if your company or your client has an internal repository with specific royalty free music or videos to use, if this is not the case then find out the following when selecting the music or video to be played:

  • Is the music or video chosen royalty free or protected by copyright?
  • If copyright protected, how and where can you purchase a license?
  • Royalty free: if you are looking for royalty free music or videos, there are website repositories which allow you to download music or videos which are royalty free.
  • Check internally or with your client if the music or video can be re-used after the event, or if it should be deleted.
  • If your virtual meeting will be recorded where the music or video is included, then additional licenses are needed, the so-called synchronization (sync) license.

This topic is easily overlooked or even unintentionally forgotten.

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