Key Account Manager – GCR

”going to significantly improve the meetings process. make it more efficient given the fact that it’s all in one system and all approval emails are sent out automatically. It lays it out step by step so you really can’t miss any crucial elements of...

Medical Governance – GCR

”will provide better visibility, tracking, supervision, and oversight of company activities both from the medical and the commercial perspectives. I see it as a one stop repository of company activities that are in scope and it can be leveraged to identify and...

Medical Manager – GCR

“GCR will allow us to be more compliant but also more efficient in setting up and improving our activities with external stakeholders like our HCPs, patients representatives, and HCOs. The tool will help with sharing all relevant information for the orientation...

Customer Engagement – GCR

”support us to adhere to all standards and processes with its seamless integration to external systems like Veeva CRM and delivering structured data which will be used to inform our decision making process”

Finance & Administration Coordinator – GCR

”a walkthrough or even a step by step guide for all of the processes around our events and activities whether that be a meeting, an off-site customer event, or a simple sponsorship”

GCR – Business Process Partner

 ”enables us to work smarter, less duplications, consistency from start to finish. Also ensures us to be compliant and even more efficient”