Unleashing value through a Centralized Capability Centre approach!

Written by GCO

September 28, 2021

GCO is unleashing value through a Centralized Capability Centre approach!

Within GCO’s consultancy practice, we experience an increasing demand from our Life Sciences clients for strategic advice regarding centralizing their congress- and meeting management services into so-called Centralized Capability Centers (CCC), which illustrates a movement where some organizations shift their decentralized in-house services into centers of excellence. Undeniably a complex process, but when done right, such hubs can deliver a higher level of efficiency and consistency on a regional or global level. Equally important, risks can be more efficiently mitigated centrally.

Advantages of a CCC-model

For many organizations embarking on the CCC journey, the main driver behind this approach was predominantly driven by cost-efficiency and delivery. However, more and more companies have realized that these centers can function as true commercial capability centers instead of delivery centers. Ideally, these centers become innovation hubs, where best practices and emerging technologies come together and can be leveraged swiftly and consistently across the organization. This unleashes a powerful model for companies, offering a structure to predefine better objectives and outcomes aligned with organizational strategy. Also, to support multi-year product launch strategies, more seamless integration of learning pedagogy with customer journeys and product awareness, more uniform service standards to maintain brand consistency, and clear visibility on direct and indirect spending for all congress and meeting activities across the organization.

The CCC approach is never a one-size-fits-all model.

Nevertheless, a CCC approach is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model; it needs to be tailored to the characteristics of the specific organization. Also, a CCC model should not be the goal itself. It should be an enabler to achieve the companies’ strategy and objectives. Therefore, the development of Centralized Capability Centers should not be considered the holy grail but a tool to fuel the strategic direction.

Our consultants can advise you on the pros and cons of a Centralized Capability Center when implementing a sustainable Strategic Meetings Management strategy. We know how to leverage the advantages of a CCC approach, implement a consistent framework where risks are mitigated in a centralized way and execute business processes harmoniously. But we also know when alternative structures will perform better.

Is your organization also considering transitioning its Congress- and Events capabilities into a CCC for effective management of all processes across the organization? At GCO, we have all the experience, knowledge, and digital tools to assess the winning strategy for your organization and advise and support you during this exciting journey.  

Ramon Grasmeijer

Ramon Grasmeijer

Lead Consultant

Our consultants can advise you on the pros and cons of a Centralized Capability Center when it comes to implementing a sustainable Strategic Meetings Management strategy

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